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Effective communication is a key to success in any endeavor. Communication, Media, and Performance students engage in a wide-ranging inquiry into and practice of numerous forms of human communication. Our curriculum successfully combines critical analysis with purposeful application of skills. We have six experienced tenured faculty members offering a variety of courses to over 120 students across the program. Seeking further opportunities via related minors, internships, and independent and directed study projects is strongly encouraged. Our goal is to prepare scholars and practitioners of the communication arts who will, along many different life paths, effectively and creatively inform, influence, and entertain the world around them.

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Prof. Kate Caffrey

Communication, Media, and Performance Department

“What would you risk to save the life of someone you love?” FSU’s Theatre program presented Mother’s Bliss, Mother’s Woe by Kate Caffrey Nov.15 - 17, 2018. This full length drama, filled with magical realism is set in the First Ward (Irish Ghetto) of Buffalo, NY in 1871, but it is teaming with the conflicts many Americans struggle with today: women’s rights; immigration; friction between religion and science/medicine; the challenges faced by the mentally ill and the families who care for them; and what we will risk to save the life of someone we love.

Prof. Christopher J. Bowen

Communication, Media, and Performance Department

Tuesday, October 16th @ 7:30pm in the McCarthy Center Forum

The Communication Arts Department celebrated the on-campus premiere screening of Vagrant (2018), an independently produced student feature film. "While struggling to navigate his way through an isolating collegiate world, a series of misadventures forces an aimless student to confront his own self destructive behavior." 

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