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National Library Week 2023:

We'll be joining libraries across the country in celebrating the annual National Library Week! The theme for this year is "There's More To This Story". Go to this link to find out what fun and exciting events will be taking place at the Whittemore from April 24-27, 2023.

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Rams Renew!

With gratitude for the generous donation by alum Joan Murtaugh, the Whittemore Library is thrilled to announce a new multipurpose room to support mental health wellness and reflection. The RAMS Renew Space is a quiet, private room for students, faculty and staff to devote time towards:

  • mental health wellness to ease anxiety or stress
  • reflection, meditation, or prayer
  • calmness from sensory overload

The Library consulted Pam Lehmberg from the Wellness Center to create an ideal relaxation space based on what has worked well at the Wellness Center. The Library Graduate Intern, Yoshio, created a guide with information about the room and resources on wellness and meditation. The RAMS Renew Space has a massage chair, a chair for meditation, a yoga mat, fidget toys, coloring books, a light therapy lamp, Bluetooth speakers, cozy blankets, and more.

Reserve time online on our reservation site. You deserve it! Once you reserve a time, go to the library front desk, show your reservation email, and get the key (and prayer rug if need it).

Remember: one person per session, no food, and tidy up after your visit.

If you have any questions, feedback, recommendations for the room, please do not hesitate to reach out to Interim Dean of the Library Millie Gonzalez at

Henry Whittemore Library Strives to be an Anti-Racist Library

The Whittemore Library is committed to be an anti-racist, welcoming and supportive library. We condemn the persistent systemic racism and violence toward Black people and all People of Color. We stand in solidarity with FSU’s Black students, colleagues, and neighbors. 

As allies, we acknowledge that in order to move forward to build an inclusive community, we must take action. Our Library pledges to commit to the following actions:

  • Ensure our physical and virtual environments are inclusive and welcoming.
  • Review our policies and procedures through an equity lens.
  • Prioritize the purchase of books and materials authored by and about the experiences of people of color. 
  • Engage in diversity, inclusion training offered by the Center for Inclusive Excellence and Human Resource departments.
  • Maintain our anti-racism, equity, diversity, and social justice research guides that include curated books, articles, videos and podcasts.
  • Create more social justice online exhibits (such as the Black Live Matter teach-in, Napkins Against Hate, and Day of Protest 2017.)
  • Promote and support the activities of the Library Diversity Committee (LDAC).
  • Host inclusive events at library such as racial healing circles and inclusive book groups.
  • Support our students, faculty and staff in the effort to create an inclusive, equitable, anti-racist community.

We know we have work to do. We must listen and educate ourselves about the experiences of people of color. Our responsibility as librarians and library staff is to treat each other with dignity and respect not only during times of crisis, but every day. This is our covenant to each other. 

Please review our online research guides (Libguides) on diversity, anti-racist resources, LGBTQ+ resources and DACA resources: 

Diversity Libguide

Black Lives Matter Movement Libguide

Anti-Racism Libguide

LGBTQ+ Libguide

DACA Libguide

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