Day Division Requirements

1. Payment of "Current Account Balance"

Online (PREFERRED METHOD): Log into with your username and password. Once on the home page, click the menu at the top left; select "Students" and then "Finances". On the Finances page, click on "Make a Payment."  Now you are on the home page of the billing site. You can select the "Make a Payment" icon and follow the steps to enter the desired payment amount and method; or select the "View Account Activity" icon to see all the charges and credits on your account and then make a payment. 

You can pay with electronic check (checking or savings) or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are accepted). Sorry no PIN debit card transactions accepted.

Failure to pay your balance by the semester's due date may result in your outstanding balance being sent to collections, late fees, and an account hold (denied access to course schedules and transcripts).

In Person By Appointment: You can pay by cash, check, or credit in our office.

By Mail: If you would like to mail in your payment, please send a check payable to Framingham State University with the student's nine digit student ID number written on the bottom left. Due to regulations, we cannot accept credit card numbers via mail. Please do not send cash through the mail.

You may make adjustments to your "current account balance" by making enrollment, meal plan, parking, or residence hall changes; enrolling in the Nelnet payment plan; receiving non-FSU awards or alternative loan; or having a State employee or senior citizen waiver. You may indicate these changes on the online worksheet on the home page of myFramingham. You must make payment of any new calculated account balance. You will not receive a new e-Bill based upon these charges. Check your account activity for transactions and changes in the amount due since your latest e-Bill periodically throughout the semester.   


2. Required Notification to FSU on Attendance

You must notify FSU that you will be participating in the Day Division this term. Even if you have a zero or credit "current account balance," you must notify FSU of your intent to participate in the Day Division.

You may do so by selecting the first item, "Required Notification to FSU on Attendance," in the middle column of the home page of If you will not be participating in the Day Division at FSU, please select the appropriate option.


3. Health Insurance Requirement

State law requires all full-time students (3 or more total undergraduate and/or graduate courses in Day Division, Continuing Education or a combination of both of 3.0 credits) attending Framingham State University to have Health Insurance. If you are a full time student, you have been charged for annual coverage.

If you do NOT have comparable health insurance coverage, you must enroll online in the health insurance offered by the University. To enroll in the offered health insurance and receive your insurance card, you must go online and submit the enrollment form.

If you have coverage under a comparable health insurance policy, you  must complete, online, the  Health Insurance Waiver Form.

Waive today to avoid an unnecessary charge. Furthermore, be aware that if you do not waive the insurance, you will be enrolled automatically and responsible for the payment of $3,306 if you are beginning school in the Fall, or $1,935 if you are beginning school in the Spring.

The enrollment and waiver forms are also on the home page of myFramingham in the middle column by selecting the Health Insurance Requirement link.

Part-time students are not eligible to purchase the health insurance offered by the University.

For more detailed information regarding Health Insurance, please visit Health Services.