The study of mathematics and statistics leads to diverse career opportunities.

Careers in mathematics rank highly among job rating sites. In the 2017 rankings on, statistician, mathematician and data scientist all ranked in the top 10 for careers.  CareerCast ranked mathematician, statistician, and actuary as numbers 1, 3, and 4, respectively, on its list of The 10 Best Jobs of 2014. CareerCast included mathematics among the nations best for 2015 as well, stating that careers in mathematics "offer abundant opportunities for advancement and, most surprisingly, often deviate from common perceptions about math." Jenna Goudreau's May 15, 2012 Forbes article "The 15 Most Valuable College Majors", ranks majors in applied mathematics, mathematics, and statistics among "the 15 most valuable majors in the current marketplace", stating that these majors "are increasingly in demand and well-paid."

Recent graduates of the Framingham State Mathematics Department have begun successful careers in finance, data analysis, software engineering and actuarial work. Other alumni are teaching at the elementary or secondary education levels.

Math In The Spotlight