CELTSS Funding

The Office of Academic Affairs provides funds for faculty and librarian professional development based upon recommendations from CELTSS.

Funding is available in several categories:
     - course release
     - innovation in teaching & pedagogy
     - in-service educational program development
     - research materials and assistants
     - support for writing small grants
     - travel expenses reimbursement for professional development & presenting research

After CELTSS evaluates and recommends requests for funding, all requests must be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs. Academic Affairs will provide a letter for all approved requests; the Business Office requires the letter before your expenses can be reimbursed.

03/04/2022 - Round 3

Past deadlines:
10/01/2021 - Round 1 - CLOSED
12/03/2021 - Round 2 - CLOSED
01/21/2022 - Course releases for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 - CLOSED

We will have three rounds of funding for travel, research, innovation in teaching and advising. A faculty member will be limited to one Travel to Present Research Award and one Travel for Professional Development Award per academic year. The maximum amount for each award is $1,500. For Rounds 2 and 3, the Funding Subcommittee will give priority to faculty who have not yet received funding in the current academic year. If funds are still available after Round 3, the Funding Subcommittee will consider applications from faculty who have already received two awards.

  • Funding FAQ

    Who may apply? Who approves the applications? More FAQ.

  • Travel Funding for Students

    Academic Affairs provides an option for funding Undergraduate students here.