About Us

The Center for Climate Change Education seeks to expand climate change education, foster student leadership and development, and prepare students and the communities of the MetroWest region in planning for climate change mitigation and adaptation. 


C3E seeks to develop effective pedagogical practices to improve climate change education. This includes the integration of climate change education across the FSU campus, the improvement of K-12 climate education, serving as a clearinghouse for climate change science and policy information, as well as climate change education and pedagogy resources, and lastly by coordinating environmental efforts across campus, and within the public sphere. 

Student leadership development

C3E seeks to encourage and foster student leadership by engaging with students and organizations on campus. This includes advising and collaborating with on-campus groups such as the Green Team and helping to establish connections with other student leaders, climate change advocacy groups, and universities across the Commonwealth. C3E seeks to develop an internship opportunity for a senior level student as well as assist students in finding climate / environmental internships and job opportunities. C3E also hopes to bring relevant workshops and conferences focusing on climate change and environmental sustainability to FSU and connect students to off-campus workshops and conferences. 

Planning for climate change mitigation and adaptation

FSU's position as a public university merits a necessity that C3E not only actively work to better climate change mitigation and adaptation at the university level but across the commonwealth. C3E looks to conduct research on the local and regional implications of climate change to better understand how this problem will affect our communities. In time C3E hopes to develop a mechanism through which the center's expertise can assist regional municipalities with climate change mitigation and adaptation policy.