Framingham State Student Interns

The Innovation Center Needs Interns for the Upcoming Semester!

Are you are interested in gaining hands on experience, learning, and working in an innovative, co-working space? If you are than the Entrepreneur Innovation Center (EIC) is right for you!

ENTR 495: Entrepreneurship "Internship Practicum" For Credit

Each semester the EIC looks for new interns to work closely with entrepreneurs running start-up businesses. The EIC allows you to meet and work closely with local entrepreneurs running start-ups, and gain hands on experience and skills that will be used in any future employment opportunities. In this class/ internship you will learn about the do's and don'ts of starting your own business, the biggest mistakes you can make, the mindset you should have when starting your company and so much more. 

This Entrepreneur Internship is worth a full course credit, is offered to students with a sophomore standing or above with a GPA of 2.75 or higher, and can even put you in consideration for the Choice Internship scholarship.

Are you still interested in entrepreneurship but don't think it fits with your major?

Work one-on-one with the Director of the Center, Christy Garcia, by taking an independent study. Christy has a passion for innovation and is dedicated to the growth of start-ups in the community and the enrichment of young minds interested in innovation.

All independent study students who are interested in working at the Center must create a proposal, then get it approved by Christy Garcia, your advisor, and the head of the business department. Applications are due before the class registration period. All applicants will be interviewed, and 3-6 students will be chosen to work closely with the members, and the Director, Christy in this collaborative workspace.

Email completed form to (as attachment if possible) or send by mail: Entrepreneur & Innovation Center, 860 Worcester Rd. Framingham, MA 01701.