Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary major that allows students to combine rigorous courses from two or three academic departments toward a Bachelor’s degree. Each Liberal Studies student, guided by an academic advisor, selects his or her focus areas and completes five upper-level courses across those departments. The introductory seminar, LIBS 250, and the capstone seminar, LIBS 450, provide extensive guidance in humanities based research and writing skills.

Students in this major have the opportunity to experience a broad course of study in the traditional liberal arts and sciences which fosters skills such as conceptual analysis, critical thinking, disciplined writing, creative problem-solving, ethical and moral reasoning, and strong leadership. Liberal Studies is a great major for students who want to be able to take high-level courses across multiple departments, or who have a specific career in mind that’s not exactly addressed by our current offerings.

Many students choose Liberal Studies because of its flexibility, including the opportunity to take up to 11 elective courses within the 32 courses required for all Bachelor’s degrees at FSU. Liberal Studies students set their sights on a wide range of careers, including education, health careers, or specialized professions such as interior design or even zookeeping. Students who have already gained experience in their chosen field may seek Prior Learning Assessment to earn elective academic credit toward their degree by submitting a portfolio.

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