Inclusive Excellence Resources

Student Affinity Groups: FSU has a number of student identity and social justice student clubs and affinity groups. They can be found here (click on link). 

Employee Affinity Groups:  FSU has a number of employee identity affinity groups. See below. To get more info on any of these groups, please email

  • Multiracial Family/Relationship Affinity Group: Do you have a family or relationship that is viewed by others as multiracial? Do you find it useful and interesting to talk with others who share this experience? This new group will meet to discuss its mission and meeting schedule, but the idea is that we will discuss the commonalities and differences that we share as people who have multiracial families and relationships.  
  • Employees of Color Affinity Group (ECAG): The mission of the ECAG is to serve as a resource and community to FSU and its employees of color. The affinity group will provide different programming as a way to promote and celebrate cultural diversity and foster an environment where employees of color will feel welcomed at FSU. ECAG aims to: Assist in driving organizational initiatives that support employees of color; Support FSU’s efforts to attract and retain employees from diverse backgrounds (racial, ethnic, cultural, etc.) through recruitment, on-boarding, work/life balance, and professional development efforts; Build an internal support system for persons of color within FSU to increase camaraderie and address issues that pertain to people of color; Partner with FSU in creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive work environment which supports FSU’s strategic goals of inclusive excellence. 
  • LGBTQ+ Employee Affinity Group: Our mission is to serve as a resource to the FSU community, to promote a positive productive environment for LGBTQ+ employees, and to encourage the professional development and engagement of LGBTQ+ employees.  
  • Early Career Professionals Affinity Group (ECPAG): The mission of the ECPAG is to serve as a resource to FSU & employees that are new to their role/career, recently transitioned into higher education, interested in discussing career paths, & interested in connecting with fellow FSU peers.  
  • Veteran Employees and Student Affinity Group: This group provides a warm and welcoming network for Veterans (employees and students) by providing a central location for any Veteran on campus to go to relax, chat, study, and more. We welcome non-Veterans who might be interested in talking with Student Veterans. Today we frequently hear people thanking Veterans for their service.  We want to take it a step further by providing an opportunity for non-Veterans to meet us.  Many folks don’t realize how often they interact with a Veteran on a regular basis without knowing that they served in the military.  
  • Women’s Affinity Group: The Women’s Affinity Group has offered an hour-long get together once each semester to have a conversation about how do we/can we empower ourselves. Also, how do we communicate and relate to each other, as well as empower one another. In the spring semester, we explored Brene Brown’s work about vulnerability, shame and whole-heartedness to continue exploring these topics. In the fall we plan to host another hour long lunch time event.  
  • Parents and Caregivers Working Group (PCWG): Our PCWG mission is to serve as a resource to FSU and its employees to positively influence the environment for and professional development of all employees who are caregivers. Our objectives are as follows:  Assist in driving organizational initiatives that support employees serving as caregivers; Support FSU’s efforts to attract and retain employees with caregiving responsibilities by informing recruitment, on-boarding, work/life balance, and professional development efforts; Build an internal support system for persons within FSU to reduce isolation and address issues that pertain to parents and caregivers; Partner with FSU in creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive work environment by fostering an environment of inclusive excellence that supports FSU’s strategic goals. 

Campus Offices & Centers: 

  • Campus Ministry: The Office of Campus Ministry provides opportunities to serve the religious and spiritual needs of all members of the campus community.  The office coordinates religious services, educational programs, and volunteer service opportunities. The staff also provide spiritual guidance and counseling for members of the Framingham State University community who are dealing with issues of faith or morality regardless of religious affiliation. 
  • Civic Engagement and Service Learning Center: The Center seeks to engage the FSU community - students, faculty, staff, and administrators - to participate in activities designed to increase their civic engagement. The center is an integral part of FSU’s commitment to increase student volunteerism with local community organizations that support underrepresented and underserved populations. 
  • Dean of Students: The Dean of Students Office strives to: Create a culture of care for students, their families, faculty, and staff; Promote student development and enhances the Framingham State University student experience  through intentional intervention and guidance, programs, services, partnerships/connections,  crisis intervention, and policy development;Foster an inclusive campus climate and facilitates the successful navigation of campus life; Provide education, advocacy, and support to encourage and empower all students to achieve  success in their academic, social, and personal development. 
  • Disability/ Access Services: Framingham State University offers equal opportunities to all qualified students, including those with disabilities and impairments. The University is committed to making reasonable accommodations as are necessary to ensure that its programs and activities do not discriminate, or have the effect of discriminating, on the basis of disability. Academic Success serves students with learning and psychiatric disabilities as well as students with visual, mobility and hearing impairments. 
  • Equal Opportunity Office: The  Office has the responsibility for the overall development, administration and monitoring of all policies, procedures and programs pertinent to the implementation of the University's Equal Opportunity Plan. The EO Plan includes, but is not limited to,: Policy Against Discrimination, Discriminatory Harassment and Retaliation, Sexual Violence Policy, Policies for Reasonable Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities. Additionally, the EO Office supports and provides guidance for the University's decentralized hiring process. 
  • International Education: The Office of International Education is where your international academic experience begins! No matter where you go or for how long, your abroad experience will be one to remember for a lifetime. Whether you are going abroad from FSU or an international student coming to FSU, prepare to be changed. 
  • Rams Resource Center: The Rams Resource Center (RRC) provides non-perishable food items, toiletries, and resource referral for FSU students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Student Involvement & Leadership Development (SILD): SILD strives to: Serve as a student-focused resource that is critical in student engagement by providing inclusive, consistent and supportive practices; Encourage students to engage in involvement opportunities to cultivate a sense of belonging and help build skills needed to be academically, professionally and personally successful; Emphasize inclusive excellence in programming and community building through respectful exchange of ideas, purposeful social interaction, and ethical decision-making; Promote accountability and self-efficacy skill development through club leadership, event planning and student employment.
  • Veterans and Military Services: The Office of Veterans and Military Services strives to assist veterans, military service members, and their family members in achieving their educational and professional goals; provides assistance and support for a smooth transition from the military to the academic environment; collaborates with departments campus-wide and throughout the MetroWest community to provide assistance and referrals to overcome obstacles in achieving the goals of the FSU student veterans and family members. 

Initiatives & Programs:

  • Diversity Studies Minor
  • Diverse Scholars Program: The Diverse Scholars Program at Framingham State University provides opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities, ages 18-22, to come to campus and engage in FSU courses, internships, and student life. 
  • Prayer Room: There is a prayer room in Foster Hall. It is ID access only.  Please send me your name and ID# to
  • Widening the Circle - Faculty Inclusive Excellence Institute: The Widening the Circle Faculty Institute assists with advancing Inclusive Excellence at Framingham State University through the focus area of Diversity in the Curriculum. Institute workshops explore incorporating themes of diversity and inclusion into all areas of teaching and assessment including curriculum design, pedagogical techniques, facilitating class discussions, assignment design, and assessment methods. For more information, please contact Professor Deborah MacMakin at