Student Affairs Mission, Vision & Values

FSU Student Affairs Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Initiatives

Student Affairs plays a significant role in preparing Framingham State University graduates to make a difference in our world. We seek direction from our mission, vision, and values to provide innovative student-centered activities, programs and services.

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Student Affairs Mission. The offices in Student Affairs strive to: •Emphasize student engagement and overall wellbeing through facilitating the acquisition of critical student learning skills, in and outside the classroom; •Value the breadth of perspectives and ideas offered by a diverse & inclusive community; •Practice collaborative approaches to promoting student development and success through programs and services; •Professional staff serve as models and mentors to support students in pursuit of academic excellence, developing leadership skills, working toward career goals, & acting as responsible & active citizens locally & globally.

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Student Affairs Vision. The Student Affairs Offices at FSU believe that every student can achieve success through full access to, and inclusion in, a wide range of academic, student development and campus learning experiences encouraging every student to lead, innovate, solve problems and contribute to the betterment of the world. Student Affairs at Framingham State University will be known for its supportive FRAMily culture that engages every student in innovative learning experiences resulting in student success and transformation.

Student Affairs Values. In pursuit of our mission and priorities, these values define how we work together and what we should expect from each other in support of a successful student experience. The Division of Student Affairs values a student-centered community where we: Student Centered: Provide programs and services that enrich the college experience through opportunities for life-long learning and skill development in a vibrant social environment. Academic Excellence: Support student learning leading to academic, career, and personal development and growth. Ethical Citizenship: Foster a community committed to ethics, integrity, and respect. Personal and Professional Growth: Engage in introspection, personal exploration, and professional growth. Global Stewardship: Embrace the challenges of acting responsibly, and more deeply understanding, people and the environment. Public Purpose and Commitment: Demonstrate a commitment to service and contributions to the larger community. Inclusive and Collaborative Community: Cultivate a community where every individual feels welcomed, affirmed, and engaged, and where we seek to understand, respect and celebrate our diversity.