Meet our Students

Pietro Rossini (Italy) is one of many international students who have studied with us. As a result of his study in the English Language Programs, he received the scores he needed on the TOEFL exam to be admitted to one of the top universities in Boston, MA, where he will pursue a Master's Degree in Journalism beginning in Fall 2021.

Skarlett Valenzuela (Colombia) shares her experience of learning English at Framingham State University's English Language Programs. She studied TOEFL Preparation as well as Topical Discussions, Reading & Pronunciation.

Ricardo Gugliermini (Italy) shares why he decided to sign up for the TOEFL preparation course with the English Language Programs at FSU.

Our Students

Student Spotlight
Eman M S, Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Academic English Language Programs

"I am so glad that I enrolled at FSU’s English Language Programs because my English has improved and I will be able to apply to graduate school in the future.  FSU instructors are very respectful of all the cultures of students.  They also are very encouraging to our learning and have a good sense of humor.  The classes and activities, like field trips, are very informative and fun.  Not only have I enjoyed and improved my English, I have also learned about the history and culture of this area of the U.S.  I recommend studying at FSU because it is a positive and pleasant environment."  

Student Spotlight
Raquel Vargas C, Santo Domingo. D.R.

Community English Language Program

''The Community English Language Program (CELP) has changed my life completely. I am a Dominican immigrant who came to the US full of dreams, looking for opportunities. In the beginning, English was a big barrier for me. Since enrolling in the CELP, I have been improving my writing, listening, and speaking because FSU has the best instructors. This program has given me the confidence and skills that I need to achieve my goal: to become a medical assistant. I absolutely recommend this program, because it has a team of professionals who work hand-in-hand with students every day.”


Student Spotlight
London Baofang Zhang
London Baofang Zhang, Qingdao, Shang-dong, China

Academic English Language Programs

"Studying English at FSU exceeded my expectations.  The teachers were so professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I realized how much I had learned at FSU when I got accepted into graduate school. Other graduate students thought I had been in the U.S. much longer than I actually had because my accent was so similar to native speakers. Also, I had learned how to make presentations for my classes and my writing was better than expected for international students. I definitely recommend FSU to other students and friends because the courses are worth it!"