Housing FAQ

Q: Why should I live on campus?

A: Convenience. Connections. Community. Without a commute all the amenities campus has to offer are at your fingertips. You have more time to study, meet with professors, stop by CASA, hang out with friends, and participate in clubs and activities on campus.  In the residence halls you will be a part of a vibrant community with engaging staff, great events and new friends!

Q: How do I know if I am accepted as a resident student?

A: The Office of Admissions informs first-year and transfer students if they have been accepted as a resident or commuter. If you wish to change your status from commuter to resident, please contact Admissions and they can assist.

Q: How do I apply for housing?

A: Once the housing deposit is made, information on how to access the online housing application is provided by Admissions. This could take up to 48 hours. New resident students should also monitor their FSU student email for information related to housing assignments.

Resident students must complete the online housing application each year. Information on how to access the online housing application is provided by admissions. 

Q: What if I have trouble logging in to the application?

A: First, be certain that you paid the "housing deposit". The application will be available 24- 48 hours after the deposit is submitted. Next, try to log in using a different browser.  If help is still needed, please contact the Office of Residence Life via phone 508-626-4636 or email at residencelife@framingham.edu.  The office is open Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Q: Are there preferences I can request on the housing application as a first-year student?

A: FSU primarily assigns new students to housing based on preferences indicated on the housing application. These preferences include:

Theme floors:

  • Honors & High Academic Achievement Floor (Corinne Hall Towers; honors students are eligible)
  • Health and Wellness (Corinne Hall Towers)
  • Social Justice Floor (Corinne Hall Towers)

Other Options:

  • Full academic year housing option (includes: Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks) (Larned Hall and Miles Bibb Hall)
  • Gender-Inclusive Housing 
  • West Hall (semi-private bathrooms)

It is important to note that these floors/areas have limited space and requests for preferences are not guaranteed.

Q: Is there a roommate matching survey I fill out to match me with my roommate?

A: Research in professional literature indicates that the use of “matching surveys” does not correlate with roommate satisfaction, we do not use a roommate matching survey.  

Q: Can I pick my roommate as a first-year student?

A: YES! Resident students who complete their housing applications by the published deadline will have an option to create or join a “Roommate Group” when completing their online housing application. They then self-select their room assignments online. Please note, both roommates must complete their applications by the deadline in order for this process to work.

Q: Where do first-year students live?

A: First-year students may be assigned to live in any hall with the exception of Miles Bibb Hall. We purposely arrange for first-year and returning students to live as neighbors, which allows upper-class students to serve as unofficial mentors to first-year students. This also mirrors the social dynamics of student interactions in campus clubs, organizations, athletic teams, etc.  

Q: Are single rooms available?

A: Based on limited availability, first-year students are generally not assigned to single rooms. Most single rooms are selected through the returning student room selection process on a seniority basis. The Office of Residence Life maintains a single room wait list for residents interested in a single occupancy room. New students may request to be placed on the single room wait list after taking occupancy.

Q: How much does it cost to live on campus?

A: Click here to view residence hall costs.  Students living in the residence halls are required to enroll in a meal plan.  For more information about meal plans, please click here 

Q: What is the security of the residence halls?

A: Each residence hall has secured access at the front doors that a student’s ID card is programmed to unlock.  Each hall has a security desk inside the entry area.  Security desks are staffed by Security Desk Attendants who verify students live in the halls, check-in guests, and ensure that policies are followed within the lobby area.  Rooms are secured by metal keys that residents are issued at check in.

Q: What should I bring? What can I not bring?

A: Click here for our suggested packing list.  You will see we highlight some of the prohibited items on the list.  For a full list of prohibited items, please refer to the Guide to Residence Living.

Q: Can I bring any pets?

A: For the safety, health, and well-being of all residents pets are not allowed in the residence halls, with the exception of fish kept in a tank with a capacity of 10 gallons or less. Fish may not be left in the residence halls between the fall and spring semesters.

Q: When will I find out my housing assignment?

A: Resident students will self select their room if application is received by the deadline.  Information regarding housing assignments and assigned roommate(s) is accessible through the myResLife portal on myFramingham.  

Q: Can I change my room assignment once it has been made?

A: It is common for students to worry “what if things don’t work out with my roommate(s)?” It is important to have an open mind and honestly communicate with a new roommate about expectations in the living environment. Area/Residence Directors and Resident Assistants are available to consult with students about how to have these conversations and/or navigating conflict with roommates. There is also an open room change process which will begin about two weeks into each semester. This process is open to residents interested in living in another room and/or hall. Students interested in applying for a room change should see their Area/Residence Director (professional staff member in the residence hall) for a Room Change Request form. 

Q: When is first-year student move-in this fall?

A: The anticipated date for first-year student move-in is historically, the weekend just prior to the first day of class. Specific instructions, including time frames for move-in based on hall and floor assignment, will be emailed to residents FSU email account in mid-August.

Q: What should I bring? What can I not bring?

A: Click here for our suggested packing list.  You will see we highlight some of the prohibited items on the list.  For a full list of prohibited items, please refer to the Guide to Residence Living.

Q: What is provided in a room?

A: Rooms are furnished with dressers, desks with chairs, closet/wardrobe and a bed. Premium single rooms have full-size beds, all other rooms have extra-long twin beds. 

Q. What is the minimum clearance under the bed?

A. Most of the beds are adjustable.  Most have a 20" minimum clearance.

Q: Can I bring a refrigerator and microwave?

A: Students can bring their own compact refrigerator that is under 3.1 cubic feet and one that is energy star rated.  Students are not allowed to bring a personal microwave.  There are commercial microwaves available in each residence hall kitchen area.  Microfridges are combination microwave/freezer/refrigerator units that may be used in the residence halls. They are available for rent from Residence Life for $230.00 for a full academic year. More information about renting a Microfridge can be found on the Amenities and Services page.

Q: How can I decorate my room?

A: Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms to make them feel more like home. Moderate amounts of posters, etc. may be put up on room walls. Removable non-marking poster tape or putty are the only adhesives permitted to be used on room walls.

Q: How do I record the condition of my room when I move-in and move-out?

A: Each room has been inspected by residence life staff prior to move in on a room inventory form (RIF).  If you notice any damage or issues with your room you should notify your RA or AD/RD so the RIF can be adjusted to reflect the issue.  Upon move-out your room will be inspected again by staff and if there are differences in condition students will be billed.

Q: Is internet provided in the rooms?

A: Wired/wireless internet are available in the halls at no additional cost.  Students will just need to bring an Ethernet cord (for wired internet-available in all halls with the exception of West Hall and Miles Bibb Hall).

Q: How can I get mail/packages? What will my mailing address be?

A: Mailboxes are located near the lobby in each residence hall. Mail is delivered Monday – Friday with the exception of holidays. Students are assigned box numbers within the first two weeks of the academic year. All mail addressed to residents should include the following information:

Residence Hall – Room #
Mailbox #
Framingham State University
100 State St., Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101

Packages that do not fit in students’ mailboxes will be stored and students will receive a slip in their mailbox that they have a package. Packages can be picked up each evening when an RA is on duty.

Q: What laundry facilities are available to residents?

 A: Each residence hall has coin/card operated laundry facilities in them. These services are made available by an outside contractor, CSC Service Works. Any problems with machines should be reported to CSC Service Works at 1-844-272-9675 or at https://www.cscsw.com/request-service/.


Q: What if something breaks in my room during the semester?

 A: The Facilities Management Department oversees all repairs needed within the residence halls. Students can submit a work order through myFramingham on the around campus tab. Work orders can be submitted for such things as light bulb burned out, furniture malfunction, or any problem encountered in a room.  If it is an emergency please contact your RA or AD/RD or call the Office of Residence Life at 508-626-4636 Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, or FSUPD after hours and over the weekend at 508-626-4911.  If you are having an issue with your computer, internet, or cable service those issues can be reported to Information Technology Services submitting a service request through myFramingham by emailing it@framingham.edu or calling 508-215-5906.


Q: Who are the staff in the Residence Halls?

 A: Resident Assistants (RA) are student leaders who live with the resident students and are selected and trained to help establish a healthy residence community. They either assist directly or provide referrals for questions or concerns with academics, safety and security, physical or mental health, and other topics which are a part of living on-campus. The next level of staff is the Area Directors (AD) and Resident Director (RD). ADs and RD are full-time, professional staff that work and live in the buildings. They supervise student staff and are responsible for the overall management or the residence hall(s) to which they are assigned.


Q: My question wasn’t answered here, where can I look next?

A: Other resources available include The Guide to Residence Living  and The RAM Student Handbook; or you can contact the Office of Residence Life via phone 508-626-4636 or email at residencelife@framingham.edu.  The office is open Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM.