Meet the Team

Patricia Birch, MSW, MBA

Director of Inclusive Excellence Initiatives

Phone Number: 508-215-5888

Patty joined the Framingham State University family in June 2019. She is the Director of Inclusive Excellence Initiatives and directs the Center for Inclusive Excellence (CIE). The five areas for Inclusive Excellence in the CIE is to provide Diversity in Curriculum, Access & Equity, Community and Civic Engagement, Climate and Intercultural Learning and Development. She provides leadership and support for students, faculty and staff that are engaged in work related to the mission of the CIE. Patty is an avid Equity Advocate and continues to work to advance student, staff and faculty social justice perspective to build narratives of life giving truth to our FSU community. She has held several leadership positions in previous institutions and regional student affairs organizations in the New England area. Prior to coming to FSU, she served as an Adjunct Faculty member in the School of Social Work at Boston College, taught a Thinking Intercultural course and served on a number of Equity Diversity and Inclusion committees in the School of Social Work, Residential Life and as a member of the Office of Institutional Diversity Annual Diversity Summit. She is a Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and is a trained Campus of Difference and MBTI facilitator. In addition, to her professional work she is an Area 32 Director for Toastmasters International, District 31, Division C. She serves as the Director of Mutualove Inc. a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide self-empowerment group support to survivors of domestic violence. She enjoys volunteering in her local community through supporting the school district. Patricia’s work and volunteer experience is a perfect complement to her professional Social Work experience and research interest. Patricia’s research focus is on URM students sense of belonging, persistence and educational engagement. In her free time, she enjoys reading, swimming, camping and spending time with family and friends.

Nnenna Uneke, BA

Program Coordinator

Phone Number: 508-215-5862

Nnenna joined the university as a staff member in September of 2019. She manages the scheduling of different programs that take place at the Center for Inclusive excellence. She is also responsible for creating events flyers, promoting events on social media and provides overall social media management for the CIE. She is also a final year Masters in Counseling Psychology student ( licensure track) and currently participating in an internship program at Southborough Youth and Family Services. Prior to joining the CIE, Nnenna worked for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for over 10 years. The last 7 years as a Benefits Eligibility and Referral Social Worker and has a vast knowledge of social services resources available in the community. Her interest in Diversity, Inclusion and Equity led to her contributing to the EOHHS Diversity Newsletter and had an article titled FATE published in the 2015 Fall issue. She also volunteered as the cultural diversity celebration coordinator in her local office and was charged with ensuring that the yearly diversity day celebration was successful. As an African immigrant raising first generation Americans, she understand the value of staying connected to one’s cultured the need for inclusivity. Nnenna also volunteers at Voices Against Violence in conjunction with the local rape crises hotline. In her spare time she loves creating & documenting memories with her family, creating social media content for her travel blog, dancing, listening to audiobooks, photographing, traveling, writing.