Meet the Team

Director of the Center for Inclusive Excellence

Phone Number: 508-215-5888

Emma Laurie

Program Coordinator


In September 2022, Emma joined the Center for Inclusive Excellence as the Program Coordinator. Emma graduated from Framingham State University in May 2022 with a major in criminology, and minors in psychology and sociology. During her time at Framingham, Emma was also an intern for the Center for Inclusive Excellence during the Spring 2022 semester, in fulfillment of an upper-level sociology course, Internship in Sociology/Criminology. While an intern, Emma helped develop programming and presentations on topics such as racial, LGBTQ+, and disability justice. She also served as a liaison between the CIE and identity-based student affinity groups, with the goal of fostering an environment for students of intersecting identities to meaningfully engage with one another. She is enthusiastic to rejoin the fRAMily and help expand student support, develop programming to serve the needs of the FSU community, and to try to help make Framingham State University a more inclusive space for all.  

In her free time, Emma enjoys reading, taking her service dog Dixie on walks, baking, and watching the latest show on Netflix. Emma believes heavily that art, specifically media, has a huge impact and that representation matters, and loves to create and share viewing lists of media to highlight marginalized voices.