The Warren Center Property

Membership Information

Membership to the University Community Club will launch in June 2022, but you can sign up now. A single membership is good for a family of 4 and includes free access to parking, tennis/pickleball courts, disc golf, and hiking trails. Other member benefits, such as watercraft rentals and social events, will include additional fees.

Membership Costs:

For our inaugural year, the University is offering a special one-time Founding Member rate of just $125 annually for the first 100 people with a connection to FSU (alumni, faculty, staff) who sign up for the University Community Club. After we exceed 100 members, regular rates will be as follows:

Framingham State alumni, faculty and staff: $200 annually

Ashland community members: $250 annually

We believe this is a tremendous value to the community for the many offerings at the property. If you search other clubs across Massachusetts, you will find that rates tend to be much higher and often include additional fees for parking.

Sign up for your membership today!

ESOFT Scheduler: Club members will receive access to our ESOFT system scheduler, which provides 24/7 access for renting, scheduling, and browsing what the UCC has to offer. Enjoy the ease of scheduling from the comfort of your own home, or at the office workplace. The system will also send out reminders of scheduled events, help with marketing new social events, and send out instant notifications if something is cancelled or moved.

Credits: Each member will receive 30 “FREE” credits per month. The credits will be used to schedule time for the free activities that come with membership such as disc golf, tennis and pickleball.