CDI Funding Request Form

Grants and Co-sponsorship

The diversity committee seeks to promote inclusion and diversity at FSU through the creation of cultural and programmatic opportunities, and through support of other groups on campus who are engaged in diversity-related programming. We do this by distributing funds as well as providing co-sponsorship.

We ask that all recipients of funds and co-sponsorship from the FSU Diversity Committee seek to create the greatest possible exposure for their events in order to promote inclusion as well as diversity at FSU. Therefore, we have developed some best practices of event promotion at Framingham State University. Here is a checklist and recommendations on how to promote your event.

To submit a funding request, please review our FAQ before you submit the form.

Inclusive Excellence Funding Request Form

Please fill out this form to request Inclusive Excellence (IE) funds. If you have any questions about this form, please email *Funding requests via email will not be accepted*

Please refer to our website (URL) which explains our areas of Inclusive Excellence.

How will the funding be spent?

How will this project impact FSU in regards to Inclusive Excellence?