Office of Institutional Assessment


The mission of the Assessment Advisory Group (AAG) is to advise the Executive Director of Institutional Assessment and provide a faculty voice to institutional assessment processes. The AAG is charged with the following primary responsibilities:

  1. Guiding the creation and implementation of assessment of the General Education curriculum.
  2. Serving as a resource in matters related to academic program assessment.
  3. Providing feedback to the Office of Institutional Assessment on proposed assessment guidelines and procedures.
  4. Working with the Office of Institutional Assessment to facilitate faculty development.
  5. Reporting findings to the University Curriculum Committee, the Provost, and others in the university community.


The Assessment Advisory Group (AAG) at Framingham State University consists of at least one faculty member from every academic department on campus. The AAG member should be a full time faculty member nominated by the department Chair. The Role of individual AAG members is to:

  1. Serve at least 2 consecutive years (if possible).
  2. Report back to their department on the work of the AAG. 
  3. Serve as a resource/point of contact for their department regarding assessment-related issues.
  4. Provide support to fellow AAG members on assessment-related projects.