Mental Health Apps

Apps for Smartphones

Below is a small sampling of the many apps that support mental health available for smartphones (many of them free). If you don't find an app that would be helpful to you, please talk to your counselor and together you may find an app that fits your needs.

Anxiety/Panic/Social Anxiety

Breathe2Relax app provides tutorials on diaphragmatic breathing (scroll to Mobile Apps)

Panic Relief provides animations to coach/reduce symptoms of panic attack

SAM (self-help anxiety management) offers psycho-education, relaxation tools, and social networking

Worry Watch helps you track & analyze what you worry about most

Public Speaking Skills provides tools to reduce public speaking anxiety


Virtual Hope Box provides supportive feedback to user with positive affirmations and mindfulness games (scroll to Mobile Apps)

7 Cups of Tea offers free chats with trained active listeners

Depression/Mood Tracking

MindDoc app provides a personal mood journal with questionnaires and practice exercises

T2 Mood Tracker records a range of emotions for anxiety, depression, head injury, PTSD (scroll to Mobile Apps)


Sleep Better Smart Alarm tracks sleep, dreams, improves sleep hygiene

Suicide Prevention

MY3 helps user create a safety plan & support network to use in times of crisis