LGBT+ Resources

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Preferred Name Policy 

The student or employee’s preferred name will be used in the University directory, in many communications, on class rosters, and in reporting, except where the use of the legal name is required.  However, whenever reasonably possible, the preferred name will be used. If you wish to indicate a preferred name, please access the link to the form located in Quick Links – Personal Information in myFramingham. 

For current students wishing to update an FSU identification card with a preferred name may schedule an appointment with the Student Identification Card Office at 

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms 

The Framingham State campus provides thirty-five single-user restrooms across campus which are available for use without regard to gender. Thirty-one of these spaces are accessible to persons who are disable. We believe that the removal of gender designation from these single-user restrooms is a meaningful step forward in our commitment to inclusive excellence in that they will be available to all members of our community but may also provide an added level of comfort for members of the LGBT+ community, parents of young children, and those requiring assistance when using the facilities.

Click here for a list of Gender-Inclusive Restrooms on campus. 

Counseling Services 

The FSU Counseling Center welcomes students who identify as LGBT+ or who may be questioning or struggling with sexual identity/expression. Our counseling center staff are committed to providing a welcoming, safe, and supportive space for all LGBT+ students.