Center for Climate Change Education

The Center for Climate Change Education has closed effective Summer 2018.  Work on climate pedagogy continues under the auspices of FSU's McAuliffe Center for Integrated Science Learning.  For information about the new McAuliffe Initiative on Climate Education (MICE) please contact the McAuliffe Center Director, Dr. Irene Porro, at

The Center for Climate Change Education fosters understanding of global climate change and its local and regional implications, as well as develop the knowledge and skills necessary to face climate change at the University, MetroWest, and Commonwealth.

Climate change is the predominant scientific, political, economic and ethical problem of the twenty-first century. The complexities of a rapidly warming climate strike at the heart of some of the most difficult and fundamental questions facing our society, from our dependence on fossil fuels and the limits of economic growth and consumption, to urban sustainability and the relationship between scientific knowledge and public policy. These questions cut across borders languages, ideologies, and academic disciplines. 

This all encompassing and urgent problem demands that we re-think many of the fundamental aspects of contemporary life, including education. As the mission of public, liberal-arts higher education comprises the creation of a competent, well rounded citizenry and workforce necessary for vibrant democracy, C3E seeks to adapt this mandate to the climate challenge by developing a model for disciplinary climate change education.