Onboarding and Training

The Office of Human Resources offers training on a variety of employment related topics and leads the planning for the Campus Professional Development Days, which currently take place annually during the month of January.  Supervisors and staff are encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources if assistance is needed in locating professional development opportunities.  Some of the professional development opportunities available include:

  • Current Human Resources Professional Development Workshops On Campus
  • The MetroWest Leadership Academy
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Human Resources Division Training Programs
  • Mandatory State Ethics Training - APPLIES TO ALL EMPLOYEES (paid and unpaid)

Please also explore training and development opportunities offered through:

  • Education Technology Office
  • Continuing Education
  • Henry Whittemore Library


New Employee Onboarding and Development

Through active onboarding at the departmental level, FSU seeks to develop confident, self-motivated employees who are fully productive and performing at high levels as soon as possible after hire.  

The Office of Human Resources also provides additional new employee development opportunities throughout the year on topics such as service excellence, prevent discrimination in the workplace, resources available through Information Technology Services, and opportunities to learn about safety on campus and in the workplace with University Police.  


Onboarding Resources for Managers:

All Aboard the FSU Train: Are Your New Employees Getting Left Behind?

Onboarding Checklist for Managers


Onboarding Resources for New Employees:

Self-Guided Introduction to Framingham State University