Doug Scott


Doug Scott

Framingham State alum Doug Scott was honored as the Massachusetts STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Teacher of the Year in 2014 for his many accomplishments while teaching at Natick High School since 2003.

“Massachusetts has become a STEM leader, and I have had the opportunity to teach some terrific students and learn from amazing people in the STEM community,” Scott said upon receiving the award.

In Natick, Scott created a new STEM curriculum, developed an IT and robotics program, was the technology curriculum leader for three years, assisted a colleague in developing a “Greengineering” course and designed four STEM spaces within the school.

Last spring, Scott and his students participated in the White House Science Fair where they met President Barack Obama. The team built a robot that can help firefighters and rescue teams search for objects or bodies that have fallen through the ice into freezing waters. It was tested by Massachusetts firefighters and recognized by former Governor Deval Patrick and President Obama. The students have filed for a US patent.

“As teachers, I think we all try to have a positive impact on our students, and that is certainly what I have tried to do with students of all levels and ability,” Scott said.