Student Rachel standing on Dwight Quad

Rachel Spivey '22

Political Science, Pre-Law

Rachel Spivey

My first career goal ever was to help people, no matter what occupation I eventually pursued. My mom was an alumni of FSU, so she encouraged me to tour the university and look into programs that interested me. Right from the start of my college search, I was looking into Pre-Law programs that would put me at a head start for my career path. Framingham State's Political Science and Pre-Law track has given me the chance to not only learn, but grow into myself as a student. I have been able to take classes that not only interest me, but will help me become a better student when I attend law school next fall as part of the 3+3 Pre-Law program.

I cannot say enough about the excellence of the Political Science program. Not only do the professors teach the material in a way that makes you stay engaged and involved, but they are willing to provide help and answer questions at any given point. My professors have always been willing to guide me with any questions I had and provide other insight from their own experiences. Having such a range of experiences in the department is necessary, as all the professors each provide an understanding that has shaped the well-rounded Political Science student I have come.

On top of the academic community at FSU, the school community as a whole is just as engaging. From my time working as a Foundations Peer Mentor, working as a Student Admissions Representative for the Admissions Office or my time as a founding member of the iGNITE club on campus, I feel my involvement outside of the classroom makes me an even better student. These experiences have helped me find my strengths and weaknesses, but also helped me gain confidence that I will be successful after graduation!