Sabrina Boy-Arruda '19

Elementary Education, Coordinate in Mathematics

Sabrina Boy-Arruda

I knew that upon entering college, my experience would be determined by my actions and attitude. I decided early on that I would get involved on campus and do my best in everything I did. A week after moving into college my freshman year, I was hired by the Career Services and Employer Relations (CSER) office as a work-study office assistant. This job taught me how to have a healthy balance between class, work, and my social life, as well as how to be professional in the workplace and network.

If I ever had any questions or concerns regarding my transition to college during my first year, I would turn to my mentor who was always there to help me. Thanks to being a participant in the Relevant Advice and Mentoring for Multicultural Students program, or RAMMS, I received mentorship from an older student as well as a faculty member, who I continued to work with the following year. Being a part of this group was so beneficial to me that I decided to become a mentor during my sophomore year to share insight and advice to an incoming first-year student that I had learned during my first year of college.

As a result of my strong work ethic in classes and professionalism at the CSER office, I was recommended to new positions. I worked as a Supplementary Instruction leader for a math class directed to education majors during the spring of 2017. I loved having the opportunity to teach students difficult concepts, which is great practice for my future classroom. I will also be holding the position of Ram Ambassador when I return from studying abroad in the fall of 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. As a Ram Ambassador, I will be representing the office of Development and Alumni Relations and helping support their philanthropic mission.

While working at a CSER event in the fall of 2016, I discovered an organization that worked with homeless children, which interested me and as a result a friend and I began to volunteer once a week at their shelter. Even with a busy class and work schedule, I always dedicate some time to give back to my community.

The idea of staying on track with my four year plan and spending a semester abroad seemed far-fetched since it is not as common for people in my major to study abroad, but with help from on campus faculty, I was able to find a program that met my needs and allowed me to achieve my dream.

I am a proud member of Framingham’s community and look forward to see what these next two years hold. I would tell any incoming students that it is their “Attitude that determines their altitude,” and to get involved on campus early on!