English major Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson '21

English Major

Taylor Anderson

I came to Framingham State to major in English and focus in Creative Writing. I never would have dreamed that I would be so involved in the campus community. I am now an Orientation Leader, a Peer Mentor, a Wet Feet Retreat Leader, and a member of numerous clubs on campus. Becoming involved on campus has taught me that not only do I belong in the Framingham State community, but that I also have a role to play.

I love being an English major. The more classes I take, the more I realize that I made the right choice in selecting my major. I have always loved to read novels, but it is so much more fulfilling to have in-depth discussions regarding not only the selected novels we read, but their impact on the world around us. I have also found that my communication skills have vastly improved since I was a freshman, and I know that these skills will help me beyond graduation. People often ask me what I want to do with my major after graduation. I find myself saying that “the sky is the limit!”

Making time for schoolwork, all of these extracurricular activities and a social life does require a balancing act, but it has taught me that I am capable of doing more than I anticipated. I’m happy to contribute to this supportive and vibrant community that I have come to know and for which I have gained a great appreciation.