Distinguished Faculty & Librarian Awards

CELTSS honors the recipients of the Framingham State University's Distinguished Faculty and Librarian Awards with an event held annually during the fall semester. In 2022, there are four tenured/tenure track honorees for excellence in scholarship/creative activity, excellence in teaching, excellence in advising/mentoring, and excellence in professional service along with four visiting faculty members. Each award winner will give a presentation on their career trajectory and achievements.

The 2022 Distinguished Faculty and Librarians Awards Ceremony was held on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 5:00pm in the Alumni Room.

The honorees were:

Shelli Waetzig, PhD, Professor of Chemistry and Food Science

2022 Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Advising

Dr. Shelli Waetzig is a Professor of Chemistry and Food Science and for the past six years has served as Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC). The HPAC is composed of faculty who review student applications for primarily medical and dental schools. Beyond her role as chair of HPAC, Dr. Waetzig has gone above and beyond to support our students as they apply to various health professional schools including medical, dental, physician assistant, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. She meets regularly throughout the year with Pre-health students, giving advice on application timelines, personal statements and choosing schools. She also helps in an unofficial capacity to advise the Aspiring Health Professionals Club, often helping them to find speakers and relevant activities.

Kimberly Arditte Hall, PhD, Professor of Psychology

2022 Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship

Dr. Kimberley Arditte Hall’s research focuses on identifying cognitive and emotional variables that cause or worsen symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and sleep difficulties in adults. Her research seeks to connect self-reported symptoms to biological and behavioral measures, including neurocognitive tasks and psychophysiological measures. She is also interested in understanding and reducing gender disparities in mental health. Dr. Arditte Hall is the director of the Research in Cognition, Emotion, and Psychopathology (RECAP) laboratory at FSU. She has been the author or co-author of 37 peer-reviewed journal articles and five books chapters related to her research.

Julia Zoino-Jeannetti, PhD, Professor of Education

2022 Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Service

Dr. Julia Zoino-Jeannetti is a Professor of Education who recently led Framingham State University through the program approval process with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). This approval process entailed the coordination of data collection for undergraduate, PBTL, and graduate teacher preparation programs (over 25 programs); review and interpretation of this data; development of connected reports; and facilitation of the site visit. Her service to the Education Department has been extensive. She was the Department Chair from 2014-2017. She was the acting licensure officer in 2009 and she has led, or participated in, a number of departmental faculty searches. Outside of FSU, she has contributed to many professional associations.

Sandra Rahman, PhD, Professor of Marketing

2022 Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Sandra Rahman is a professor of Marketing and former chair of the Department of Business at Framingham State University. She has published on international firm/stakeholder discourse regarding labor conditions in developing countries as well as issues related to stakeholder responsibility. Dr. Rahman works hard to incorporate outside professionals into her courses, providing students with an opportunity to network and gain real-world experience prior to graduation. This past semester, students in her Strategic Marketing Course took part in a competition with Anheuser-Busch (AB) and Sir Inkwell’s to develop a startup marketing campaign. Over the years she has developed a network of professionals that are willing to come to campus and engage with our students.

Fei Yu, PhD, Professor of World Languages

2022 Distinguished Visiting Faculty Award College of Arts & Humanities

Dr. Fei Yu has been a visiting lecturer at Framingham State since 2018. Her instructional style focuses on learner-centeredness and learning motivation. In her teaching, she always has students take the center stage and helps them actively construct their own understanding. Dr. Yu spends a lot of time mentoring and supporting students outside the classroom. She helps students who have learned Chinese before to figure out the right courses to take; she sits down with students to apply for the study abroad program in China; she shares learning resources and strategies with those who are struggling; she talks with students who are heritage speakers to discern their needs and provide recommendations.

Kenneth Grunes, MBA, Professor of Management and Business & IT

2022 Distinguished Visiting Faculty Award College of Business

Professor Kenneth Grunes is a visiting faculty member in the Management and Business & IT Department who teaches courses in Business Policy & Strategy, Marketing Principles, Marketing Research, Organizational Behavior, and Strategic Marketing. His professional background is as a sales executive for enterprise software solutions. Professor Grunes success as a faculty member is demonstrated by his overwhelmingly positive student reviews. As one student put it, “The collaborative team exercises helped me learn in a way that is lost in college classrooms. I met  people and built relationships that extend outside the classroom.”

Holly Pearson, PhD, Professor of Sociology and Criminology

2022 Distinguished Visiting Faculty Award College of Arts & Humanities

Dr. Holly Pearson has been a visiting faculty member at Framingham State University since 2017. She established a course on disabilities during her second semester at FSU—which is both a teaching and administrative accomplishment, since it required a new syllabus and dealing with the bureaucracy to create a new course. This is now a highly sought-after class, and she has already transformed the career and scholarly interests of our students. During the pandemic, Dr. Pearson and a team of colleagues in Sociology and Criminology worked together to do the hard and  imaginative work required to transform their teaching, media, and content during the crisis. Her colleagues credit her with being a leader in helping other faculty in her department to make their classes effective, respectful, accommodating, and meaningful in the time of COVID.

Andrea Kozol, PhD, Professor of Biology

2022 Distinguished Visiting Faculty Award College of STEM

Dr. Andrea Kozol has filled many roles in the Biology Department during her time as a visiting faculty member, including lab coordinator, lab instructor (bench and field labs) and course instructor for major, non-major and honors program classes. Dr. Kozol was the first instructor to create the content, structure, and lab for Principles of Biology. This is a general education course specifically designed for non-Biology STEM students who need to enroll in additional biology courses to complete their major program. Her dedication to the students enrolled in the STEM Scholars program in recent years has been exemplary. She has gone above and beyond expectations with this program and her interactions with these students.