Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive a copy of my license?
The Massachusetts DESE no longer issues hardcopies of licenses. You may print a copy of your license from your ELAR profile area. Once you logon, click on the "Check license status..." link. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the "View/Print" tab under License Information.

Which MTEL tests are required for licenses?
Massachusetts DESE required subject matter MTEL exams for each license. Note that some licenses require multiple subject matter exams.

I am applying for the Specialist Teacher: Reading license, and I already submitted my proof of experience document to the DESE. Why do I need to provide a copy to the Licensure Officer?
Framingham State University participates in the "batching" process with the state. The process requires we submit all documentation for a candidate's licensure action in one packet. The benefit of using this process is that the DESE prioritizes the "batches" and processes those licenses in a timely manner. Candidates are always welcome to submit their materials to the DESE independently, but this may increase processing time, possibly by several weeks. If you do wish to submit your materials independently, please include a note on your endorsement request form.

I hold an Initial (or Professional) license and want to add another license. What are the requirements?
The answer to this question depends on the license you currently hold and the one you seek to add. A few scenarios are included below.

  1. Adding a Field
    You hold the Math 5-8 license and you want to add the History 5-8 license. In this scenario, you are adding a new field with the same grade level. Therefore, you need to meet one requirement: Take (and pass) the MTEL 006 for History.

  2. Adding a Grade Level
    You hold the History 5-8 license and you want to add the History 8-12 license. Here, you are adding a new grade level within the same field. Therefore, you will need to complete either an internship or coursework. The quickest way to meet this requirement is to complete a 150 hour internship in a History classroom in grades 8-12. The DESE internship template is available at

    NOTE: For the Math licenses, you may have to take an additional MTEL test. For example, if you took the Middle School Math test (047) and want to add the Math license for grades 8-12, you will need to take the high school level Math MTEL (009). If, instead, you wanted to add the Math 1-6 license, you would not need to take another Math MTEL.

  3. Adding a Field and a Grade Level
    You hold the Early Childhood (PreK-2) license and you want to add the Elementary (1-6) license. Here you are adding a new field and a new grade level cluster. You must take and pass both portions of MTEL 003 General Curriculum. You must also take and pass MTEL 090 Foundations of Reading, if that test was not required when you obtained your Early Childhood license. And, you must complete a 150 hour internship in an elementary setting (grades 1-6).

  4. Adding a Field with an Advanced Degree
    If you are completing the M.Ed. with a concentration in Special Education (Moderate Disabilities) and hold another academic license at the Initial or Professional level, you may use an internship in place of the practicum.

    Please note that if you choose to complete an internship rather than a practicum:
    • FSU will not be able to endorse you for completing an approved program; an approved Initial licensure program includes a practicum.
    • you will need to undergo a competency review with MA DESE.  

Still have questions? Please send additional questions to Sandra Shaw at

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