Liberal Studies Learning Outcomes


The Liberal Studies program allows students to design a unique interdisciplinary program of study in the traditional arts and sciences, not available within the existing curricular structure of FSU. This major links common intellectual ground across academic disciplines and fosters critical thinking, disciplined and ethical research and writing, and communication skills. Although flexible, this program requires students to complete five 300-level courses in which they will identify and apply the approaches, skills, and methodologies of at least two, but no more than three, academic disciplines. Students in the Liberal Studies degree program may choose to apply for Prior Learning Assessment credit, which may be granted for substantive learning that has occurred outside the classroom.


Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Write substantive, source-based, thesis-driven papers, using lucid prose, which demonstrate critical and creative thinking based on relevant evidence and analytical reasoning
  • Appropriately and effectively employ the research methods, terminology, and citation style of their field of research
  • Locate bibliographic resources including electronic databases and/or other emerging technologies as appropriate to the respective interdisciplinary program
  • Analyze the significance of the evidence as appropriate to the audience and purpose



  • LIBS 250 Research paper (15 pages/3,750-4,500 words)
  • LIBS 450 Research paper (20-25 pages/5,000-6,250 words)