Financial Assistance Options for Students

At Framingham State University, we recognize that student success and well-being are impacted by challenges and stressors that often occur outside of the classroom. There are a variety of resources available to assist students who experience financial difficulty.

  1. Students who receive or are eligible to apply for financial aid and experience a change in their financial circumstances should contact the Office of Financial Aid first. The office is located ted in the Student Services Center on the 5th floor of the McCarthy Center, and the email is Examples of a change in financial circumstance include the loss of employment, reduction of income, or medical bills that are not covered by insurance.
  2. Students who are waiting for financial aid funding that has not yet been disbursed should apply for an Emergency Advance in the Student Services Center after the add/drop period for the current semester is complete. The Emergency Advance program provides this funding earlier in the semester.
  3. If students experience a sudden, temporary, and/or unexpected financial emergency that threatens their ability to remain enrolled at Framingham State University, and if the options above do not apply or have not met their need, the Financial Crisis Response Team application should be completed.
  4. To support students who are facing temporary or chronic homelessness and/or difficulty affording food, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 508-626-4596,, or in person on the 5th floor of the McCarthy Center in suite 504. The Dean of Students Office can connect students with free financial counseling.
  5. Chronic financial insecurity does not qualify for this FCRT emergency assistance program. For students who are experiencing continued financial insecurity (long-lasting inability to meet basic needs and financial obligations) and cannot afford their semester bill, you may contact either the Dean of Students or the Financial Aid Offices to discuss realistic options. FSU encourages all of our students to empower themselves to make informed decisions about their futures by engaging with staff who will present options available to them.