Student Awards

At the end of the Spring semester the Biology Department gives out a number of awards for academic excellence at the College of STEM's Annual Recognition and Awards Ceremony:

Joseph J. Previte Pre-Professional Medical Studies Award
This award is presented to an outstanding senior who is completing a major in the Biology Department's Pre-Health Studies Program. Recipients must have applied to professional school with the intention of becoming a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, optometrist, physician's assistant, pharmacist, geneticist, or veterinarian. The was established by the Class of 1951 to honor Dr. Joseph J. Previte on the occasion of his retirement in June 2001, and is administered by the Independent Association of Framingham State Alumni (IAFSA).

William H.D. Meier Award
This award is presented to a senior in Biology who has shown outstanding ability and interest in the field of Natural Science and holds the promise of continuing that interest in a leadership role. The award was established by former students of Dr. William H.D. Meier, Professor of Biology at Framingham State Teachers College from 1911 to 1938, in memory of his 27-year contribution as a counselor and an inspired teacher, and is administered by the IAFSA.

Melly-Cotter Award
This award is presented to a senior in Biology with the highest GPA. The award was established by Dr. Paul Cotter, Professor of Biology, in memory of his wife Mary, who was a faculty member in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department from 1973 to 1981.

Dana Jost Award
This award is named in honor of Dr. Dana Jost, the founding faculty member of the Biology Department, and is given to the graduating senior who most exemplifies the spirit of the Department. The student receiving the award exhibits the dedication, hard work, and curiosity involved with scientific discovery, as well as leadership and involvement in the Framingham State community.

The Biology Department also gives the Shaun M. Thornton Award for excellence in research twice a year. See the Capstone Research Program page for more information.