Faculty Mentoring

Faculty Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program provides a forum for new faculty to become acquainted with the culture of Framingham State University.  A series of workshops held during both the fall and spring semesters informs new faculty about useful resources on campus and familiarizes them with the professional expectations governing their work.  Program participants are paired with more seasoned faculty who provide information, advice, and guidance.  New faculty also get to know each other and help one another navigate the challenges that accompany a new position.

Our Director of Faculty Mentoring for 2020-2021 is Mirari Elcoro, Psychology and Philosophy.

Upcoming mentoring workshops:

  • 2.12.2021, 2:30-4PM - Writing while Teaching, Advising, Conducing Research, Service, and Developing an Identity as a Scholar - Register for the session
    • Facilitators: Holly Pearson, Sociology and Michael Greenstein, Psychology
  • 3.26.2021, 2:30-4PM - Connecting Faculty and Students: Collaborations with Student Organizations - Register for the session
    • Facilitators: Patti Birch, Director of Inclusive Excellence Initiatives, Madison Bruno, Pride Alliance, Phoenix Harris, BSU, and Sebastian Merida, LUNA
  • 4.23.2021, 2:30-4PM - Our Own Mentoring and Mentoring Students - Register for the session 
    • Facilitators: Cara Pina, Biology and Beth Whalley, Sociology