You will be assigned one of the members of the Communication Arts faculty as your academic advisor. Please check your MyFramingham account and you will see their name along with the location of their office. (Please note: your advisor’s name and the Department Chair’s name may both appear in your online account. The Chair is your advisor only if that name appears by itself.) Every effort will be made to match that advisor to your concentration, however, if you wish to change your advisor please obtain the correct forms from the Registrar’s Office and present them to the Department Chair for signature.

Your relationship with your advisor is a very important one. He or she will guide you with your selection of courses for the major and for General Education courses, help you to determine and define you career interests, and relate them to the various concentrations offered in the Department. Your advisor can also refer you to other persons who may better assist you with particular problems or questions you may have. We suggest you see your advisor at least twice each semester in addition to the time you will need to meet during Advising and Pre-registration. You are, of course, not limited to meeting with him/her on those occasions, particularly if you experience academic difficulty. Feel free to email your advisor at anytime with questions you may have.

Please remember that you have the ultimate responsibility for your academic career!