Teaching Pairs

CELTSS will continue to support faculty with “Teaching Pairs”, where faculty participants enrich their teaching experience by observing colleagues in actual classroom situations with an end goal of getting a different perspective on their role in the classroom.  Teaching pairs will exchange classroom visits as non-critical observers, learning by seeing a colleague in action.

2021 Teaching Pairs Ad

A rewarding and inspiring experience for me both professionally and personally. The idea of teaching pairs is necessary for the evolution of our species as teachers. The more we share ideas and strategies, the more we grow as teachers, and the richer our classrooms become. "

Keri Straka

Associate Professor of Art

Definitely helpful to me as a teacher. I got a lot out of observing another professor teach, not least a keener appreciation of just how helpful observing my teaching colleagues in action can be! I look forward to being able to observe other teachers in the future."

Niall Stephens

Associate Professor, Communication Arts