Wildlife Club

Tomorrow's Leaders in Wildlife Science, Management and Conservation

  • Northern saw-whet owl and friends at an owl banding event

  • Using a taxonomic key at an aquatic invertebrate identification workshop

  • A wild turkey specimen for instruction in wildlife forensics

  • Learning to capture and identify wildlife tracks

  • Outdoor grilling at TWS Northeast Student Conclave cookout

The Wildlife Club is the FSU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society (TWS), an international organization whose mission is "To inspire, empower, and enable wildlife professionals to sustain wildlife populations and habitats through science-based management and conservation."


Consistent with the mission of TWS, the goals of the FSU Student Chapter are to

  • provide networking opportunities for members locally and with other chapters, the Northeast Section, and TWS national office,
  • augment the educational opportunities in natural resources for students at FSU,
  • prepare members for careers in wildlife biology, conservation, and management,
  • encourage professionalism and high standards of scholarship, and
  • foster campus and community awareness of wildlife issues.


During weekly Club meetings members hold workshops on techniques in wildlife biology, hear about each other's field experiences, and play games that challenge each other's knowledge of wildlife. The Club sponsors events for its members such as hikes, owl banding, and the annual TWS Northeast Student Conclave (a weekend of hands-on wildlife biology workshops, networking, and fun). The Club also sponsors events for the entire campus community such as trips to the zoo or the aquarium and whale watching.


The Club meets every other week on Monday at 1:30 pm.

Current Officers

President:  Grace Thompson
Vice-President:  Hilary Lincoln
Secretary:  Rachel Sharon
Treasurer:  Troy Martinez

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Brandi Van Roo can be reached at bvanroo@framingham.edu