Funding FAQ

Who may apply?

All tenured, tenure-track, and full-time temporary Faculty and Librarians who were under contract as of September 1 of the current year may apply for funding.

Who considers the application?

A Review Committee comprised of members of the Steering Committee of CELTSS reviews the applications and makes recommendations for funding to the Steering Committee. Once voted on by the Steering Committee, the applications are submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval of funding.

Where are the application forms?

Click here for the funding application.

Applications for funding are accepted three times a year with deadlines announced at the beginning of the academic year

How are the application forms submitted to CELTSS?

Submit application forms via CELTSS website.

If you received CELTSS funding last year, AY 16-17, your end-of-year report must be attached to the application for new funding before it will be considered.

Due to the volume of requests, the committee cannot consider incomplete applications. 

When are the application deadlines?

There are four application deadlines: 
September 18, 2017 for course releases for Spring 18 or Fall 18 
October 6, 2017
November 10, 2017 
March 2, 2018

What are the general funding guidelines?

General Funding Guidelines

Must I apply for travel funds prior to completing my travel? 

It is best to apply for funds prior to traveling to a conference. However, you may apply for funding after the travel has occurred. 

Is there a priority for awarding travel funds?

Proposals for travel funds to be used for participation in a conference or presentation of research/teaching pedagogy are given priority over travel funds designed solely for attendance at a conference. Groups of faculty who are planning to prepare a faculty development workshop as a result of their experience at a conference are also given priority over single applicants.

Is there funding for release time from courses?

CELTSS recommends funding for two types of course releases, pre-tenure and post-tenure.  Faculty cannot receive more than one CELTSS course release within a five year period. Your department chair's approval is required for all course release requests.

Pre-tenure awards

  • Designed to provide faculty/librarians in their 3rd or 4th pre-tenure year with additional time to begin/complete ongoing research or begin new research projects
  • Applications will not be considered if submitted in the term during which the applicant has submitted materials for the tenure review process

Post-tenure awards

  • Available for post-tenure faculty to provide additional resources to begin/complete ongoing research and aid in final completion of research projects