• Mission

    The ability to communicate effectively in more than one language is at the core of the mission of the World Languages Department.  Expressing oneself in languages beyond one’s native language  makes it possible to view the world in new ways and engage with different cultural communities.  Proficiency in other languages enables individuals to transit borders and experience the interconnectedness of our world.  The benefits of learning other languages range from improved self-expression in one’s first language, enhanced cognitive abilities, sharpened critical thinking, and professional marketability.

    Through literature, culture and linguistics courses as well as study-abroad opportunities, students gain an understanding of the diversity that is the very fabric of the communities in and around Framingham as well as across the globe.  Our international faculty and students are actively engaged in the surrounding community and abroad through internships and partnerships with schools, universities and community agencies.  Faculty and student research spans language, literature, culture, social, cultural, political and economic phenomena.

    Our concentrations prepare students to be successful in a variety of careers such as in education, interpretation, business, international relations, or to embark on graduate studies in the United States and abroad.