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Professional Development for Educators

Summer 2024 (July 08 - August 02, 2024)

Online / One credit (or semester hour)/22.5 PDPs

Cost: $225.00 per course

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PRDV # CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor

English Language Arts  

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7072550317Professional Learning CommunitiesSyllabusKatherine Scheidler
7132650318Common Core Writers WorkshopSyllabusKatherine Scheidler
7022850319Curriculum DevelopmentSyllabusKatherine Scheidler



PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7322650315Executive Function in the ClassroomSyllabusJean Gately
7422850316Poverty, Trauma, and Homelessness: Supporting Disadvantaged Students SyllabusJeffrey Weinstein
7113050331The Power of OptimismSyllabusCaroline Maloney
7152750333Substance Abuse and Addiction: Current Trends and PreventionSyllabusCaroline Maloney
7003050338What Great Teachers Do DifferentlySyllabusJennifer Hair
7163050322Culturally Responsive Teaching PracticesSyllabusBrenda Hagan  
7193050325The Science of Mindset: Implications for Learning and LifeSyllabusTammy Darling
7143050320Mentor TrainingSyllabusKatherine Scheidler

Health and Wellness

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7192950330Keep It Simple: Healthy Living for Teachers and StudentSyllabusCaroline Maloney


Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7122750314Putting Technology in the Hands of Students: Let Me Show You What I KnowSyllabusDonna Criswell
7013050337TED Talks in the ClassroomSyllabusJennifer Hair
7252550321Technology & Accessible Instructional MaterialSyllabusRobin Robinson
7352850329Using Google to Support UDLSyllabusJoanne Najarian
7142750327Blended Learning: An Introduction SyllabusJoanne Najarian
7392350326Leveraging Technology to Create a Differentiated Learning EnvironmentSyllabusJoanne Najarian
7191850328Making Technology Count for K-8 MathematicsSyllabusJoanne Najarian
7122350311Using Technology to Help Students Demonstrate Understanding: Did They Really Get it? Web Tools to Help with Formative or Summative AssessmentSyllabusDonna Criswell
7001750312Using Web 2.0 Tools to Motivate and Manage StudentsSyllabusDonna Criswell
7262150313Integrating Educational Video into the CurriculumSyllabusDonna Criswell
7103050332Canva Education for Teachers and StudentsSyllabusCaroline Maloney
7322750339Beginning Photoshop for TeachersSyllabusJennifer Hair
7241950334Designing A Virtual Field TripSyllabusLinda Cartier
7052850335Using Social Media in ClassroomSyllabusLinda Cartier
7412450336Creating Quick Response CodesSyllabusLinda Cartier

Special Education

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7232850324Supporting Your Speech and Language Students SyllabusShannon Call
7412850323 Pragmatic Language CourseSyllabusShannon Call


Course Credit Notes: 

At Framingham State University we report coursework on a per course basis.  Each graduate course that is part of a degree program is four credits and is shown on the student transcript as “1.0”.  Courses that are less than four credits are shown as a portion of “1.0”.  A three credit course is “.75”, a two credit course is “.5” and a one credit course is “.25”. There is a short definition of this method on the reverse side of an official transcript issued by our Registrar’s Office.