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My experience at Framingham State was phenomenal. I had a lot of fun being part of the art department and I really appreciate how wonderful all my professors have been in helping me become the artist I am today!"

Sara Capello

BA in Studio Art (Illustration), 2015

Advising Information and Resources

Each incoming student is assigned a faculty member who serves as the academic advisor. Advisors assist students in relating their interests and abilities to career goals and in developing decision-making skills. They also provide information about University policies, procedures, and requirements, and make referrals to campus support services. Another of the advisor’s primary roles is to guide students in designing their academic program, making course selections, and completing degree requirements.

It is recommended that students meet with their faculty advisors during their office hours on a regular basis. Advisees are encouraged to become familiar with the policies and degree requirements published in the Framingham State University Catalog and to keep records of their course progress. During the pre-registration period, students must meet with their advisors to obtain approval for course selection prior to registering for the following semester. Students should prepare for the advising session by planning a tentative schedule to be discussed with the advisor.

Major Worksheets

I’m happy that I was encouraged to study abroad and receive an education that can only be taught outside these four walls. In hindsight, I know my professors and advisors pushed me knowing that Italy would enrich my mind and my artwork in a way that cannot be labeled with a price tag."

Alison Sohigian

BA in Studio Art (Graphic Design), 2016

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  • Art Club

    The Art Club is a student-run organization for art, design and art history students at Framingham State University. Its purpose is to increase camaraderie within the student body and enrich the environment for all students by providing resources to help emerging artists, designers, artisans and art historians develop their skills and ideas. These initiatives include an annual overnight trip to New York during Armory Arts Week, informal figure drawing sessions, brown-bag lecture series, field trips to local and regional art museums and informal critique sessions.

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  • Kappa Pi

    Framingham State University is proud to announce the charter of the Theta Mu Chapter of Kappa Pi, an Honorary Art Fraternity. Our local chapter works to increase the vibrancy and awareness of the Studio Art, Art Education and Art History programs at Framingham State by providing an open forum for discussion, informal study and communication amongst art majors. It's purpose is to raise the standards of productive artistic work at the university and to promote the standard of scholarship through the minimum academic requirements for membership. Additionally, it works to promote a standard of leadership by giving art majors the opportunity to actively participate in the liberal arts environment, and to foster a standard of service by providing a vehicle to actively participate in charitable activities in the community.

    In order to qualify for membership, students must be majors in either Studio Art or Art History, have completed at six (6) Studio Art and/or Art History courses and hold a minimum 3.0 GPA in the major, along with a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Invitations to join Kappa Pi will be sent by the chair of the department and/or the faculty sponsor(s) each academic year. Members qualify for special scholarships through Kappa Pi, receive membership pins, a subscription to The Sketchbook newsletter, and may purchase honor cords to wear with their regalia at commencement to designate their accomplishments. For more information about dues and qualifying for induction please contact Professors Bishop or Straka, or go to