Paths to Success

Wondering what to major in at FSU? Unsure how to achieve your professional goals? We've got good news for you! The MHWPC works with the traditional humanities departments at FSU: Art and Music; Communication, Media, and Performance; English; History; and World Language. In addition to majors and concentration, each department also offers minors, along with many other exciting opportunities. Majoring or taking courses in these departments will help you develop the essential skills and perspectives you'll need for the 21st century workforce. Explore your options, and find your path to success!

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Art and Music

The department offers the following majors: Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with concentrations in Art Education, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture. The program is designed to help students pursue creative endeavors while also imparting specific skills appropriate to the various disciplines of fine arts, design, art education, and scholarly and professional endeavors in art history, museum studies and music.

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Communication, Media, and Performance

Communication, Media, and Performance students engage in a wide-ranging inquiry into and practice of numerous forms of human communication. Our curriculum successfully combines critical analysis with purposeful application of skills. Seeking further opportunities via related minors, internships, and independent and directed study projects is strongly encouraged. Our goal is to prepare scholars and practitioners of the communication arts who will, along many different life paths, effectively and creatively inform, influence, and entertain the world around them.

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The English department offers an extensive program of poetry, prose, drama, film, linguistics, writing, and journalism for majors and non-majors alike. Through the study of literature, language, and writing, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the world, as well as strong reading, critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills. The department also offers on- and off-campus internship opportunities in a variety of fields. English majors go on to rewarding careers in public relations, social media, library science, grant writing, publishing, editing, teaching, technical writing, journalism, business, and law.

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The department is a community of accomplished teacher-scholars committed to preparing students for successful lives and careers in the 21st century through a program that values academic rigor and excellence in a liberal arts education and fosters responsible citizenship and ethical behavior. The department does so by encouraging students to appreciate and understand the complexity of the human experience in all parts of the world, to engage successfully in critical and analytical thought and argumentation, and to respect diverse thoughts and opinions.

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World Languages

The ability to communicate effectively in more than one language is at the core of the mission of the World Languages department. Through literature, culture and linguistics courses as well as study-abroad opportunities, students gain an understanding of the diversity that is the very fabric of the communities in and around Framingham as well as across the globe. Our concentrations prepare students to be successful in a variety of careers such as in education, interpretation, business, international relations, or to embark on graduate studies in the United States and abroad.

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