International Business

Business are global more than ever with domestic companies becoming multinational. Companies need to decide where to locate production, how to manage its supply chain from sources globally located, how to penetrate foreign market, establish joint ventures and distribution, manage organizations located abroad and understand economic, political, regulatory and social trends of foreign countries. 

An International Business major prepares students on how to be strategic in managing human and material resources toward the achievement of the international goals of the business considering how these need to be customized for different markets. 

What are your career possibilities?

Since most companies are part of a globalized world; there are many opportunities where an International Business major can be employed.  Options include positions in all aspects of business; particularly in companies with a multinational focus. Managing foreign offices and markets in areas of sales, import and exports, marketing, finance and accounting. Working in human resources, purchasing and dealing with capitals markets. Possibilities will exist in foreign companies operating in the United States (e.g., Santander Bank, other financial institutions, Toyota), government agencies (e.g., US Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce), global institutions (United Nations, World Bank), multinational companies (e.g., Bose, Hilton. Fedex, IBM) or nonprofit organizations (e.g., Red Cross, Oxfam International) as well as business service & consultancy (e.g., McKinsey, Accenture).