Student Awards

Every Spring, the psychology department awards 3 or more senior psychology majors certificates of achievement during the university's Awards Ceremony. Students graduating in Fall, Spring or Summer of the academic year from the day or night school may be nominated by psychology faculty members for one of three awards. The award criteria are:

Academic Award - Presented to senior psychology majors who have shown exemplary effort and enthusiasm in meeting course requirements as demonstrated by classroom behavior, preparation of written and/or oral assignments, and exam grades. Minimum overall and major grade point averages of 3.0.

Research Award - Presented to senior psychology majors who have demonstrated clear understanding of the research process, from critically evaluating pertinent literature and designing a workable study to the statistical analysis of data and preparation of professional quality reports. Although independent study research is not required, it must be evident that the students are capable of demonstrating rigor and independence in their research efforts.

Community Service Award - Presented to senior psychology majors who have demonstrated concern for the college community over-and-above that required for the receipt of course credit or a salary. The services provided have been evaluated in some way as exemplary in the degree of leadership required, commitment shown, or their innovation.

If I think I might be qualified for one of these awards, can I ask a faculty member to nominate me?

Yes. The faculty have access to seniors' GPAs through the registrar's office. They are also usually well aware of students whose classroom and other accomplishments meet the criteria of the academic and research awards. However, most faculty are not aware of students' extracurricular activities on- or off-campus. For the community service award, it is very appropriate for students to inform their advisors, instructors, or the department chair of their interest in being nominated for the award. By mid-February, students should provide a faculty member with a list of their accomplishments, including such activities as serving as a Black & Gold leader, assisting with orientation programs, involvement in athletics, and so forth. Internship and volunteer activities qualify here as well.

Does receiving a departmental award really mean anything?

It can mean a lot. Few students are nominated and then selected for the 3 awards. Typically, 9 or fewer of the graduating psychology majors are presented with awards. If selected, it means you were well recognized by the faculty as outstanding among your peers. Receiving an award should be a clear message to you that you were appreciated as a student, researcher, or community participant. You should be proud of such an accomplishment. Lastly, for those who have supported you as you completed your degree, its a sign that the struggle, financial or emotional, was worthwhile.

Students nominated to receive an award should attend the brunch and ceremony provided by the College. They will receive letters of congratulations, with an invitation to the brunch. Bring family and friends along!

Are there other awards I might be nominated for on campus?

Yes. Many clubs and associations on campus present awards to their most active and deserving members. Check with the Dean of Student Services for a list of possible awards. For scholarship information and applications visit the Financial Aid Office. Both offices are located in Dwight Hall.