MetroWest Economic Research Center (MERC)

The MetroWest Economic Research Center (MERC) at Framingham State University, established in 1991, collects and analyzes data related to economic conditions in several Massachusetts regions including the MetroWest and South Shore Cohesive Commercial Statistical Areas (CCSA) and the Greater Marlborough Region. MERC provides data and analyses on economic issues of vital interest to these regions. MERC analysis has proven critical for regional and town planning as well as for the retention and recruitment of businesses.

Students majoring or minoring in Economics can apply for valuable internship opportunities with MERC. For further information about the center, please visit:

College Fed Challenge Team

The College Fed Challenge is an annual academic competition for university student teams hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

As a member of FSU’s team, you will conduct research and analyze economic conditions, and then present your analysis with a recommendation for monetary policy before a panel of judges. Participation in the College Fed Challenge competition can increase your awareness and understanding of the unique role of the Federal Reserve in the economy. It can also enhance your research, presentation and critical training skills.