International Education Program Admissions

The following are general requirements for admission


Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education and submit an official copy of their undergraduate transcripts. An applicant with a foreign degree must submit official transcripts to an accredited evaluation agency for a Course by Course Evaluation. Names of accredited agencies are available upon request. Two letters of recommendation are required. Letters must accompany a cover sheet and may be from an employer or supervisor or from a faculty member who has taught the candidate at the collegiate level if the candidate has attended classes in the last five years. Also required is a 500-word typed essay on the student’s philosophy of education and an updated resume. Graduate applications for the International Education degree programs are available online or from the site coordinator. However, please note that the International Program has specific requirements. Applications are accepted year round.

Provisional Admission
Students who do not currently meet admissions standards may be eligible for provisional admission. Provisional admission occurs after the student has made application for admission and has been reviewed by the admissions committee. Under these circumstances, the committee will identify specific courses for the student to take and the criteria of performance that student will be required to meet in order to be formally admitted.

Time Limits
Completion of program (Programs of 10 courses) All requirements for the degree must be completed within six (6) years from the end of the semester in which the first graduate course is completed.