Biology Students and Graduates

Biology Students

Shirley Amunya


"This summer I did research at College of the Holy Cross. My research was focused on protein splicing of salt-dependent inteins from Haloquadratum walsbyi (Hwa), a known halophile. Because protein structure and functionality is influenced by extreme environmental conditions, we were interested in observing this post-translational process in an environment with high salinity. Little information is known about protein splicing and this study provides a base for understanding the inteins found in Hwa."

Valerie Leger


"This summer I worked in the Health Equity Research Lab at San Francisco State University. I developed a protocol to use human hair as a biospecimen to test for lead exposure using microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (MP-AES). This protocol will be used for future projects aimed at determining trends in lead exposure in the Bay Area."

Ryan Hanscom


"I spent my summer working at Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve in Kill Devil Hills, NC, collecting data for a mark-recapture study to analyze populations of turtle species in one of the largest remaining maritime forests on the East Coast. I also participated in education and outreach by leading guided hikes and presentations for visitors."

Biology Graduates

Jarin Snyder


"After graduating in '16, I matriculated to the Pathway to Graduate Study Program at UMass Medical School's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. This program is essentially a one-year trial of first-year PhD coursework along with a year-long rotation in a research laboratory, with the option of continuing my PhD studies at the end of the year. Currently I'm working in Dr. Hong Zhang's lab, researching the molecular connections between microRNAs, tumor suppressor proteins, cancer, and aging. I credit the wonderful faculty at FSU for helping me develop my passion for the Biology of Aging into a career in science!"

Cesar Sanchez
Cesar Sanchez


"I graduated from FSU in 2014. In 2015, I enrolled in the M.D. program at Ross University School of Medicine. My academic foundations built at FSU has allowed me to succeed in this program. I am currently finishing my second year of medical school and getting ready to start hospital rotations for the next 2 years."


Alfredo Rojas


"I'm a Biomarker Lab Coordinator at SBH Sciences. I work with immunoassays to analyze how drugs undergoing clinical trials affect the level of patients' inflammatory markers."

Leigh Kumpe


After graduating from FSU, Leigh parlayed a summer camp job at Busch Gardens into a full-time position in the park’s zoo education program. About a year and a half later, she accepted a position at Disney’s massive 580-acre Animal Kingdom theme park, where she helps feed, train and care for lions, gazelles, ostriches, antelopes, warthogs and more. “It’s exciting and can definitely get your heart rate up," she says.

Cassandra Ferragamo


"After graduating from FSU in 2014, I began working at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Somerville as a Medical Assistant. Today, I am enrolled in the physician assistant (PA) program at MCPHS University-Boston and will graduate in May 2019. My experience at FSU and as a Medical Assistant prepared me well for PA school and I can't wait to be a healthcare provider! PAs are the future of healthcare!"

Jes Barbagallo


After graduating from Framingham State's Biology program, Jessica began working at the Broad Institute's Genomics Platform. There, she learned about NextGen sequencing technology and its applications in personalized medicine and research. Jessica now works at the Broad Institute's Clinical Research Sequencing Platform (CRSP), where she performs molecular testing and genomic analysis for use in clinical settings or clinical trials, while pursuing her Master's of Bioinformatics through Johns Hopkins University. Photo: WBUR.