Exchange & Partnership Programs

What is an exchange program?

  • Cost effective! - Participating in an exchange means you will pay FSU tuition and fees. Room and board charges will depend on the program. You will then attend the exchange school, and FSU will welcome one of their students for a semester! So, you are effectively trading places with a student from abroad. 
  • Culturally immersive! - Exchange programs can be a beneficial way to immerse yourself in the culture of the university and the country where you are studying. You will not, in most cases, be surrounded by other Americans, so you get to know locals and other international students!

Study in England

University of East Anglia is set in the ancient city of Norwich, combining history, culture and progressive thought. Norwich is located an easy 1.5 hour train ride from London, and with public transport so accessible in the UK, traveling will be a breeze!

While studying on campus, you will be housed in campus dormitories, all of which are equipped with full kitchens to prepare your meals. There are no meal plans at UK universities. 

Students will be chosen on the basis of available places that year on the exchange, so applications will be coordinated through the Office of International Education.  For more information, see the Director and also the UEA website. Deadlines for applications are October 15 for the spring semester and April 15 for the fall semester.

Study in Hong Kong

If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to study in a location that is a bit different, explore Lingnan University
in Hong Kong!  It is the perfect place for any business major, no foreign language required!

Lingnan is an English-speaking university and classes are taught in English. Almost all students live on campus so exchange students will be housed with a local roommate, making the chance to get to know locals easier!

Students will be chosen on the basis of available places that year on the exchange, so applications will be coordinated through the Office of International Education.  Deadlines for applications are October 15 for spring semester, and April 30 for fall semester. 

Study in Ecuador

If you speak Spanish, Ecuador is a wonderful choice! Choose Universidad de Las Américas in Quito or Universidad de Cuenca in the city of Cuenca.  You can choose from a wide range of coursework at either university to suit your major.  Quito is nestled high in the Andes mountains near the equator, with a climate that is comfortable year round. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautifully restored colonial Spanish architecture.  Descending the mountains, it's a quick trip into the rain forest or over to the Galápagos Islands. Cuenca is a smaller city with a more laid-back feeling, also nestled high in the Andes mountains.

Students will be chosen on the basis of available places that year on the exchange, so application will be coordinated through the Office of International Education. 

Study in Canada (Quebec or Nova Scotia)

The New England/Québec Student Exchange Program offers a wide variety of learning environments and an impressive array of course offerings.

While on exchange, students also enjoy Québec’s vibrant cultural scene, natural beauty and extensive recreational opportunities, including world-class skiing.

Application materials are submitted on-line and more information is available in the Office of International Education. Fall semester applications are submitted by mid-February and spring semester applications are submitted by mid-October.

Participating Québec Institutions:
Bishop's University
Universite Laval
Ecole Polytechnique
Universite de Sherbrooke
Universite du Quebec

Québec administrator:

Study in Nova Scotia

Through the New England/Nova Scotia Student Exchange Program students may choose from nine English-speaking universities or one French-speaking university, as well as professional schools, which offer a wide variety of learning environments and an impressive array of course offerings.

While on exchange, students also have the opportunity to enjoy the city of Halifax, home to over 35,000 college students as well as Nova Scotia’s awe-inspiring highlands, picturesque seacoast, and a host of cultural attractions.

Participating Nova Scotia institutions:

Acadia University
Dalhousie University
Mount St. Vincent's University
Nova Scotia Agricultural College
Nova Scotia College of Art & Design
St. Francis Xavier University
St. Mary's University
University College of Cape Breton
University of King's College
Université of Sainte-Anne

Please contact the Office of International Education for information on how to apply and for deadlines (which are very early). 

What is a partnership?

Cost effective! - FSU has created many partnerships with host institutions around the world, creating affordable options for FSU students to directly enroll at the university as a visiting international student.  Unlike exchanges, FSU students pay the host institution directly - at times this may be less expansive than studying at FSU as a resident! 

Study in the Netherlands

Center for European Students - Maastricht University

Interested in studying in Western Europe? Study in the Netherlands, the land of windmills and tulips, but also the home to major European Union organizations and so much more.  The Center for European Studies (CES) at Maastricht University offers a range of courses for a variety of majors, all taught in English!   CES provides many cultural excursions both in country and around Europe, all included in your cost! Meet with the OIE to learn how you can apply.

Study in Italy

Lorenzo de Medici

Study Abroad in either Florence, Rome, Tuscania, or all three!  Lorenzo de Medici is an international institute, offering all course work in English.  From fashion design and merchandising, to STEM and performing arts, most majors may find the right academic fit at LdM. Learn more by exploring their website and meeting with the OIE!

Study in N. Ireland

Ulster University

Are you interested in studying Peace & Conflict studies? Maybe you want to connect with your Irish heritage? Studying at Ulster University is one of the most affordable options available! Ulster University has campuses throughout N. Ireland in many major cities.  Depending on your major, the OIE can help you identify which campus would be the right fit with you - so make an appointment with us today!

Study in England

Edge Hill University

Are you interested in studying in quintessential England? Located in Ormskirk, England, outside of Manchester and Liverpool, Edge Hill University provides the college campus environment, with a short ride from major cities.  Explore their website and meet with the OIE to learn more!

Study in Scotland

Heriot Watt University

Study in Edinburgh, the heart and soul of Scotland, or study textiles and designs in Galashiels.  Heriot Watt University, ranked International University of the Year by The Good University Guide, offers you the opportunity to study in Scotland at an affordable cost with exceptional support services.  The diverse landscape of a rugged coastline, mountains and valleys, and lively cities like Edinburgh creates an ideal study abroad location!

Honors Students: Study in the Czech Republic

Intercultural Studies Program at Charles University

Are you in the honors program looking to earn honors credit while studying abroad? Study in the “heart of Europe” – Prague is one of the most affordable cities in Europe with beautiful architecture and rich history.  Study two core classes for general education and honors credit, while also studying at Charles University (with over 300 classes taught in English) among both local and international students from around the world!

Summer Scholarship Program in Japan

Showa Women's University

Through the Office of International Education, students may apply for a scholarship to attend SWU Summer International Program in Tokyo for 3 weeks! Learn about Japanese traditional and contemporary culture through excursions and home stays.  Students are responsible for their airfare, some meals, and personal expenses, but the scholarship covers the majority of the cost! Learn more by contacting the OIE.