The founder of the MHWPC, Halcyon Mancuso, has created a scholarship to support students majoring in English and selected humanities and social and behavioral sciences disciplines. Each year, two incoming students receive 100% of their Day Division tuition, fees, and room and board. Find out if you're eligible, learn about the requirements, and apply to be a Mancuso Scholar today!


You've heard how important internships are, and you know you need professional experience—but you have to balance other obligations. The MHWPC can help provide the flexibility you need! We support three types of on- or off-campus internships, which would otherwise be unpaid:

  • Full internships (hours required by a specific department for course credit, full semester)
  • Mini-internships (approx. 4-6 hours per week, full semester)
  • Micro-internships (project-based with defined parameters and start/end dates)

Learn more about how to apply: Internship Stipend Guidelines (updated 2023)

Download, fill out, and submit your application: Internship Stipend Application (updated 2023)