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Alpha Upsilon Alpha

Alpha Upsilon Alpha, the honor society of the International Reading Association, was created in 1985 to recognize and encourage scholarship, the development of personal and professional leadership, and service to the field of reading at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Greek letters chosen for this honor society are significant: They come from the words Anagnosis (reading), Upotrophia (scholarship), and Archon (leadership). The society motto, which is attributed to Horace, says it all: "Lege sapere aude," or "Read, dare to be wise."  Membership in Alpha Upsilon Alpha brings a sense of scholarly accomplishment in the field of reading and language arts. Members are acknowledged for having excelled in their chosen field of study, and are recognized as professionals committed to the importance of reading and language arts in education.

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Alpha Pi Chapter

Laura Hudock, Ph.D., Advisor

The Alpha Pi Chapter of AUA was chartered at Framingham State University in 1994. 

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society in education that was founded on March 8, 1911 at the University of Illinois. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to promote excellence in and recognize outstanding contributions to education. Kappa Delta Pi shall endeavor to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members, to quicken professional growth, and honor achievement in educational work.  Kappa Delta Pi elects to membership those who exhibit the ideals of scholarship, high personal standards, and promise in teaching and allied professions. Selection as a member of Kappa Delta Pi is based on high academic achievement, a commitment to education as a career, and a professional attitude that assures steady growth in the profession. 

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Kappa Chi Chapter

Chu Ly, Ed.D., Advisor

The Framingham State University chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Chi Chapter, was established on May 17, 1966. Chi Chapter members are interested in teaching and are dedicated to the ideals set forth by the national organization.

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