Pelham Pals

Pelham Pals

Now accepting applications for Fall 2017 mentor positions!

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Pelham Pals Youth Mentoring Program

Pelham Pals Mission:

Pelham Pals empowers middle and early high school students of Pelham Apartments Our House Recreation Center to maximize their academic potential.  Framingham State University student mentors act as academic role models who support and encourage their mentees to strive for academic and personal success.  The main focus of this program is to encourage the Pelham students to reach their potential and recognize higher education as a possibility for their futures.

Framingham State students are matched with a small group of students from Our House Recreation Center for weekly on-campus mentoring sessions.  Mentees are residents of the Pelham Apartments housing complex in Framingham. This partnership ensures the students are able to access homework help and are exposed to positive role models through one-on-one and group mentoring. Mentors will assist mentees on issues related to their individual academic needs and goals.

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Mentor Qualifications:

    Demonstrated interpersonal skills
    Understanding of diverse populations
    Interest in working with youth
    Demonstrated academic success

Mentor Responsibilities:

    Act as a positive role model
    Provide academic and social encouragement
    Provide homework assistance
    Attend weekly 2 hour sessions on specified dates


Emily Abel: (508) 626-4907


Michelle McGonagle: (508) 215-5856