Special Note to Incoming Students

Thank you for visiting the Disability/Access Services website!  We welcome you to the FSU community, and we look forward to getting to know you.  Here are a few tips to to help you know what to expect over these next months:

  • If you submitted documentation during the Admissions process, it should be available to us and you don't need to do anything further.  We will be scheduling intake appointments during the summer, so please wait for our call.  
  • If you did not submit documentation during the Admissions process and are hoping to receive academic accommodations, you should submit documentation prior to the fall.  Please see our documentation guidelines for more information.
  • If you have a question that cannot be answered by reviewing the website, we will be available during New Student Orientation to answer them.  Additionally, feel free to email us with your urgent questions: disabilityservices@framingham.edu.