American Sign Language Major

College of Arts and Humanities - Department of World Languages


The American Sign Language-English Interpreting program is a degree-completion program, offered under the auspices of Framingham State University’s Continuing Education Department with courses in the program being offered either on the Northern Essex Community College campus or online.


Requirements Prior to Matriculation

Prior to entering Framingham State University’s program, students need to have completed:

  1. Advanced American Sign Language I & II
  2. An introductory level course in American Sign Language: English interpreting
  3. Three courses in the area of Deaf Studies (e.g., Deaf Culture, Deaf Literature and Folklore, Deaf Community)

Additionally, if students are to complete the program in two years, they will need to have accrued general education credits that fulfill at least 7 of Framingham State University’s General Education requirements or that are eligible for MassTransfer credit.


Concentration in English Interpreting (UASE)


Core Requirements (10 courses; 9 course-credits):

  • ASGN 221 American Sign Language/English Interpreting I
  • ASGN 222 American Sign Language/ English Interpreting II
  • ASGN 301 Advanced American Sign Language III
  • ASGN 302 Advanced American Sign Language IV
  • ASGN 313 American Sign Language/English Interpreting III
  • ASGN 314 American Sign Language/English Interpreting IV
  • ASGN 430 Reading and Analysis of Research in Interpreting (0.5 course-credit)
  • ASGN 440 Undergraduate Research in Interpreting (0.5 course-credit)
  • ASGN 451 Interpreting Practicum and Seminar I
  • ASGN 452 Interpreting Practicum and Seminar II

 Related Required Courses (3):

  • COMM 207 Interpersonal Dialogue
  • COMM 234 Intercultural Communication or
    • ANTH 360 Language and Culture
  • ENGL 297 English Grammar: A Structural Analysis

 Writing Intensive Requirement (1):

Choose one (1) of the following:

  • ENGL 280 Persuasive Writing
  • ENGL 282 Creative Writing
  • ENGL 284 Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGL 286 Professional Writing
  • ENGL 288 Writing Fiction