Studying Marketing at FSU

Study Marketing at FSU so you experience the FRAM effect

  • Our Marketing program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.
  • Our faculty is Professionally or Doctoral Qualified.
  • Both our faculty and students work closely with world-class business executives.
  • Our students intern with, and are hired by distinguished organizations.
  • Our students develop a marketing portfolio to showcase to prospective employers.


The Framingham State University Marketing program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), one of the three major business program accrediting bodies in the United States. Accreditation signifies that the faculty, curriculum and department meet the nine (9) outcomes-based IACBE Principles for program quality and business excellence.


Our teaching-focused faculty have a breadth and depth of marketing experience as practitioners and scholars. Our faculty are assessed periodically by IACBE and meet the criteria for being designed as professionally qualified or doctoral qualified. Our faculty work closely with students on projects, international trips and assist students with research papers and posters for conference presentations.

As a Marketing major at Framingham State, your advisor is a Marketing faculty member, so you will have the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with Executives
    • Our location in MetroWest is central to a number of world-class organizations headquartered in the region! This provides ample opportunities for collaboration with executives in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Our Business Advisory Board is comprised of local executives that provide feedback on curricula, program outcomes, and student readiness. Each year, Junior and Senior Marketing majors have the opportunity to meet and network with local executives by participating in our Executive Coaching Program.
  • Showcase Your Marketing Portfolio
    • The Marketing Department faculty at Framingham State University understands the unique role that marketing plays in an organization, and how marketing is integral to the success of any organization. Our curriculum is designed to instill the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in marketing. By blending theory with practical application, and reinforcing skill development with real-world projects, Framingham State University Marketing majors eventually develop a portfolio of marketing projects from their course work. The portfolio is ideal for showcasing student skills, knowledge, and ability to prospective employers upon graduation.
    • The following is a list of artifacts marketing majors complete as they progress through their Framingham State University Undergraduate Marketing degree. Marketing majors create a portfolio of work that may be presented to or discussed with potential employers demonstrating competence in specific areas of marketing.  The list is not inclusive of all assignments. Other items may be included in the student portfolio from other classes.


      Portfolio Artifact

      MRKT 181 Marketing Principles


      Analyze a Marketing opportunity and create a Marketing Plan

      MRKT 218 Personal Branding & Business Etiquette

      Develop a Business Pitch and a Personal Brand with a LinkedIn® Profile

      MRKT 240 Consumer Behavior

      Create a Behavioral Profile for a Product or Service

      MRKT 301 Brand Management

      Conduct a Comprehensive Brand Audit

      MRKT 308 Digital & Social Media

      Create a Digital Marketing Plan for a Product or Service

      MRKT 310 Marketing Research

      Conduct real-world research and produce a Qualitative Research Report and a Quantitative Research Report

      MRKT 313 Advertising & Promotion

      Create an Advertising Campaign

      MRKT 324 Sports Marketing

      Design Develop and Execute an Actual Sport Marketing Campaign.

      MRKT 375 Sales

      Develop and present a sales pitch

      MRKT 480 Strategic Marketing

      Business Consulting Project; Research Poster

      MRKT 495 Marketing Internship

      Develop a comprehensive Reflection Paper detailing on-the-job activities while describing the skills and knowledge improved by the experience.

      Non-Course Specific

      Business Executive Coaching Event

      Students learn to differentiate themselves and craft a

      “Why you?” Elevator Pitch for standout interviews.